Team Pink are the team of the Executive Officers and Assistants who are responsible for the running and development of the National Student Scout and Guide Organisation.

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The Exec

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Alexandra Massie

What I've done
  • Bank accounts – Along with Oli the Secretary I have sorted out our HSBC bank accounts, ensuring that each account now only has 3 signatories (as opposed to the previous 18!), and changing both the address and the primary user
  • Events – Liaised with the Witan committee, ensuring they have had the appropriate bank account access and that the site deposit got paid to KISC on time
  • Also been liaising with the other upcoming events, and have had a meeting with Birmingham Chocolate Rally
  • Members Officer – Worked with the rest of the Exec to run an EGM to elect a new Members Officer
  • Attended Gilwell Reunion along with the rest of the Exec where we promoted SSAGO and met with SAGGA to discuss the proposed changes to the SSAGO Constitution
  • Went to the World Scout Jamboree and met Ban Ki-Moon from the United Nations, and even appeared in the World Organisation of the Scout Movement’s Facebook video talking to Ban Ki-Moon whilst wearing a SSAGO t shirt!
  • Made friends from Student Scouting in the Netherlands at Jamboree, telling them more about SSAGO and how it works, giving them a SSAGO t shirt, necker and badges and hopefully encouraging them to consider attending Rally
  • Lost an evolutionary (I hope!) useless organ, moved out of Cornwall, and handed in my master’s dissertation
What I'm working on
  • Charity status – Updating the SSAGO Constitution to allow us to become a charity had been put on hold over the busy summer, so I plan to get this sorted over the next term
  • Once our new Members Officer has taken over their role I will work with them to provide greater support to the clubs and encourage SSAGO Regions
  • Am hoping to look into merging our separate bank accounts with HSBC to make changing signatories easier for future Exec’s
  • Continuing to review the previous full membership survey to ensure the changes made continue to benefit SSAGO
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Oliver Bills

What I've done
  • Minutes: All minutes are up to date and published
  • Bank Accounts: Worked with Lexie, Lucy and HSBC to resolve all the previous outstanding issues with HSBC and the bank accounts, including resolving fraud concerns over the Witan account
  • Reps Discussion: Added a new discussion feature to the Reps system allowing clubs to discuss and respond before voting takes place to ensure all clubs have a voice before voting.
  • Reps Feedback: Created a new reps feedback system to allow the Exec to feedback on all points raised by Reps. Wrote up and prepared all the reps feedback from June.
  • Rally Buddies and Teams: A brand new teams system has been developed which all events can now use, which will automatically take into account preferred buddies and activities and automatically form teams
  • Lanyard System: The lanyard system to help events create automatic lanyards has been further updated and developed and now works automatically and can be used by any event
  • Archive: Helped with the National Archive weekend with Larah, the Archivist. Worked with Larah on the launch of the new SSAGO Digital Archive to exhibit archive materials and allow clubs to start and contribute their own archives.
  • Event Resources and Support: Worked to help support upcoming events and the production of resources to help with food, activities, transport, accommodation, requirements and finances
  • Improved Resources Section: The resources section has been updated and improved with new reps resources and a new search in section function to make it easier to find resources
  • Exploring National SSAGO Support: Working with Lucy and Reps to establish new ways in which National SSAGO can support new clubs and current clubs, including transport help for reaching National events
  • Development Fund: Moving the development fund system online to make it easier to apply, keep track of and review past accepted and rejected development fund bids
  • Email System: Created a new email system where clubs can browse, search and view past emails, including before they were on committee and reply and send new messages
  • Freshers: Added a lot of new features to help SSAGO clubs with Freshers, including updates to the interest form for collecting volunteering information and exporting of interested members
  • Supporting Clubs and Members: Created a set of new exec tools to help support Exec members, including identifying under 18s, automatically gauging club and member activity and potentially struggling clubs and other supporting tools
  • Constitution: Working through the new constitutional changes and liaising with The Scouts, Girlguiding and SAGGA on additional changes and making this available in a transparent way to members
  • Awards: Worked with Larah to further build and update the awards section of the website, celebrating SSAGO achievements
What I'm working on
  • Badges: The new badge system to support both Reuben’s badges and SSAGO activity badges
  • Knowledge Base: The collaborative SSAGO knowledge base system to replace Factsheets with something more useful
  • Programme Library: Building up a selection of exciting SSAGO activities and events to help inspire SSAGO clubs
  • Campsite Directory: Quick and easy way to get campsite ideas and find the best places for SSAGO to camp
  • Archive: A further SSAGO archive weekend to come and getting clubs involved with the digital archive project and pushing the SSAGO archive to the next level
  • Event Resources: Continuing to develop useful resources for upcoming events
  • Working with SAGGA: Following up with SAGGA to help bridge the gap between SSAGO and SAGGA
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Lucy Tregoning

What I've done
  • Re-done the accounts for 2018-2019 to account for all payments and anomalies to ensure a clean slate for 2019-2020
  • Reviewed, approved and worked on numerous budgets from Rallys and freshers’ camps in order to ensure they operate at break even
  • Attended Gilwell Fundays, Gilwell 24 and Gilwell Reunion to help Reuben and SSAGO Support to promote SSAGO and support at large events
  • Worked with Scot Rally to find out where the areas are that were a success and less successful to help out future rallys
  • Sorting out the SSAGO insurance
  • Working with the Webmaster to ensure all events have a singular and consistent approach to document storage on google team drives
  • Supported regional freshers camps allowing them access to bank accounts for the first time
What I'm working on
  • Insuring accounts are up to date and labelled correctly
  • Working with future rallys to have a reasonable budget to ensure minimal loss to SSAGO with maximum experience satisfaction
  • Helping SSAGO become a charity and ensuring accounts reflects that status
  • Working with the exec to formalise day to say processes such as exec expense forms
  • Working with Rally committees to reduce costs
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Reuben Cone

What I've done
  • Creation of SSAGO badge programme: The designs of National Event badges, SSAGO Support badges, International badge have now all been finalised and passed on to the webmaster for putting on the website. The SSAGO Clubs challenge badge has been awarded to PUGS who will be giving their ideas at Autumn Reps.
  • SSAGO social media: I scraped filming a new video idea. Instead focusing my efforts on the social media content. For our social media platforms I have: With help from Archivist produced series of content with items from archive, decluttered following lists on Instagram and Twitter, produced a short ad for Results Day, wrote News article for Scot Rally and Gilwell 24, collated stories from Freshers Camps, pushed clubs freshers stalls, made a few memes, and much more!
  • Helping Clubs: I recently sent all clubs a bespoke email with advice on their social media and website. I also managed the distribution of Publicity Packs and SSAGO publicity materials over the Freshers period. I am also helping the events with their badges.
  • SSAGO Supports: I managed our presence at Gilwell 24 which was an overwhelming success. Work included producing new banners and flags beforehand, writing a quiz, creating a 24 music playlist and staying awake for 24+ hours. I also went to Waddow Hall for Wellies and Wristbands where I lost a tire along the way. Badges are on order.
  • Scouting and Guiding: Tried to get us featured in Scouting and Guiding Media. For the Scouts we got featured in the membership email and post on social media regarding clubs at universities. I have yet to sort anything out with the Guides. Also attended Gilwell Reunion.
What I'm working on
  • Creation of SSAGO badge programme: Move into the final stage of badge production. Get the badge ordering system distributed and get the badges ordered once the thresholds are met. Also get the Clubs challenge badge on the roll with it being to be started in the new year.
  • SSAGO social media: Busy schedule of posts lined up for December with lots of content celebrating the end of the year.
  • SSAGO Committee award: Use feedback from Reps to put something together in time for Spring Ball.
  • Scouting and Guiding: Have another go at getting a push from official Scouting and Guiding channels.
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Thomas Webster

What I've done
  • Been elected! It’s been a busy month.
  • Set up new clubs. I’ve met with Aberdeen and Derby and they’re all set up on the website.
  • Caught-up with events. Had video calls with Chocolate Rally, Roman Rally, Steel Ball, Survival Rally and Build-A-Rally.
  • Sent lots of emails. Over 100 in the past month answering all your questions and helping people join SSAGO.
  • Got set up on the exec. Got access to online banking, became part of the SASU and lots of other catching up.
What I'm working on
  • Writing guidance. Making documents to help new clubs understand SSAGO and helping them grow as well as helping them understand the process of starting a new club and the support the exec can provide.
  • Liaising with potential new clubs. Currently working with groups at Edge Hill, East London, Askham-Bryan and Holloway.
  • International Webpage. Worked on a new international page for the website with Harriet.
  • Supporting existing clubs. Worked with existing clubs to help them overcome issues and grow membership.

The Assistants

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      Harriet Bell